Wren Síofra Lloyd

Dip Hom IACH, BA [hons], PGCE

As an autism-specialist homeopath, I have worked with 100s of parents worldwide via video call to help them improve their children’s health. By doing so, we have been able to make a profound impact on their autism symptoms also.

The most striking thing with children with autism symptoms is their poor ability to detox [toxic metals, pesticides, vaccines] & weakened immunity to viruses, bacteria & fungi.  Homeopathy is the ideal therapy for strengthening immunity and assisting detox.

Wonderful Results

My team’s recent pioneering work has been to observe the role of fungi [molds/yeasts] in ASD and to develop a set of specialised homeopathic interventions to deal with fungi and clostridia … with awesome results.

Treating children with very complex cases is close to my heart and I’ve been determined to find the way through the tangled path to their recovery. The methods I’ve discovered are what I have taught my team. Now, I am focussing on training other homeopaths in my methods, so that there will always a team of specialists to reach out to wherever you are in the world. ❤

Our wonderful results with gut & feeding issues, speech, understanding, self-harm, anxiety, aggression & social connection come from individualised classical homeopathy paired with gentle homeopathic detox therapy and organ & gut healing work. 

It can be wonderfully easy for your child to undergo this highly effective treatment if it is tailored to their needs, and that’s our ethos at International Homeopaths for Autism.

We can offer your child a gentle, non-toxic homeopathic treatment aimed at resolving the individual toxicity & immunity issues that may be the cause of their symptoms.

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