Rukmini Kulkarni

Dip Hom IACH

Would you like to see the end of constipation and associated gut issues for your child without the use of laxatives, which can dangerously strip the gut bacteria and add to the problem?
This is what I can offer your child now.

I am a graduate of International Academy of Classical Homeopathy. I have additional specialist training in homeopathic detox, and the treatment of complex autism cases for children who have impaired gut pathology.

With a special interest in treating constipation, I combine homeopathic detox, orthomolecular medicine and constitutional homeopathy to help children (and their families) with complex issues.
I am based in Taiwan and I work worldwide via Zoom.

Whether your child is suffering from constipation, withholding behaviour, bedwetting, encopresis or associated issues, constitutional homeopathy and sometimes a gentle homeopathic detox can offer a better answer.

Book in with me now.

Join the Homeopathic Study on Withholding behaviour and Constipation

I am undertaking a study with a specialized focus on withholding aspect of constipation. There is usually some underlying trauma, past painful experiences which lead to this behaviour. We aim to resolve this with classical homeopathy, and then further also resolve the underlying constipation through a combination of methods, as necessary. This is currently offered as a package at discounted rate. Use the booking link above and choose ‘Homeopathic Study’.

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“My oldest daughter was suffering from constipation issues and now they are totally resolved”

“I was completely blown away at how many positive changes his constitutional remedy made for him in so many other areas… mental, emotional, psychological as well as the original physical issue. It was as if I had a whole new child.”

“He sat up completely by himself 3 days after the remedy. He has never sat up in his life before. This is something we have been working on for 2 years now. It’s literally like a light switch was turned on”

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