Dr. Philippa Fibert

PhD, MSc, Bed, BSc, FSHom

About Me

I have worked with children for many years as a teacher, homeopath and researcher, always aiming to see how lives can be made easier.

One of my first cases as a newly qualified homeopath was a nine-year-old with ADHD who had already tried to commit suicide. He wet the bed, couldn’t read or write, and had destroyed much of the family home. He also had warts all over his hands. After his symptoms were matched with an appropriate homeopathic remedy, his mum and I watched in astonishment as his problems melted away over about 6 weeks and he learnt to read.

Not all cases respond as beautifully as this, but such responses are always my aim, and I constantly work towards enabling them.  

As well as specialising in the homeopathic treatment of children with ADHD and ASD, I also conduct research to document the effectiveness of homeopathic treatment and provide information for families about what might be expected from treatment. More research information can be found on www.adhdnaturally.net

I aim to help you and your child make the very best of your lives by offering strategies, healthy living advice, but above all homeopathic remedies. I have been using homeopathy all my life, and studied homeopathy after having my own children – four girls, because I wanted to give them the same healthy start I had.

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