Charn Badhan


Imagine living a stress-free life where you’re not worried about constantly having to tip-toe around your child.

I’m Charn, a qualified homeopath who specialises in children’s health. Being a mum of three children and having my own son being diagnosed with ASD, GDD, PANS I know firsthand the distress and the challenges this can place on both your child and the whole family. For us homeopathy has saved us many times resulting in reduced anxieties, sensory triggers, and rages. Quite frankly I wouldn’t know where we would be without it!

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In my practice I use a homeopathic approach that is individual to your child and I am committed to bringing about the best results that I know are achievable with homeopathy. I work with the theory of a homeopathic ‘toolbox’ using certain approaches as I see fit. If I see the need, I can also suggest complimentary therapies that may further support your child’s healing process.

I believe that no child and family should have to suffer and endure the challenges this illness can bring. I offer you my help both as an experienced homeopath and mother to champion you in your quest for a happier, healthier child.

Based in the UK, I offer appointments online worldwide.
When I’m full, you can ask me for a referral to my chosen team member.

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