Never been well since..chicken pox

By Charn Badhan Here I share a case of a child diagnosed with PANS/PANDAS but with a deeper layer.. Emma, 12 yrs old was diagnosed with Pandas but her health was severely affected after having contracted Covid a year ago. Mum explained Emma’s energy levels were so low, she needed physical assistance with climbing upContinue reading “Never been well since..chicken pox”

The autism diagnosis that never was.

“There are no meltdowns, that is very rare.” Luke, 6 years old, was brought to me 8 months ago as he was really struggling with many aspects of schooling, socialising and limited dietary choices.   Luke was on the verge of an autism diagnosis according to the child psychologist he was seeing. Luke had fineContinue reading The autism diagnosis that never was.

“In his own world, never relates to anyone.”

Rory is 4 years old and has been coming for treatment for just 3 months.   He has an autism diagnosis and his mums main areas of concern are: Rory’s first prescription focused on the meconium inhaled at birth. This first, thick, black, tar like earliest stool of a baby if inhaled can burn theContinue reading ““In his own world, never relates to anyone.””

21 ATEC points lower in 4 months, aged 16!

IF YOU EVER WORRIED THAT IT’S IMPOSSIBLE TO RECOVER FROM AUTISM ABOVE THE AGE OF 6 OR 7, THEN I’M HERE TO SETTLE THAT QUESTION FOR YOU.  Nathaniel is a 16yo patient of mine diagnosed with high functioning autism. He’s another child who’s mom reports problems developed after vaccinations. After MMR he regressed, not instantly,Continue reading “21 ATEC points lower in 4 months, aged 16!”

The Boy Who Couldn’t Sleep [By Charnjit Badhan]

Over lockdown I consulted a mum and her 12 year old son Adam, who was having trouble sleeping. A chat with mum described her son’s typical bedtime routine involved a million excuses before bedtime. Every night Adam would follow his mum everywhere upstairs, hardly entering his room and refusing to settle. There was also aContinue reading “The Boy Who Couldn’t Sleep [By Charnjit Badhan]”

Treating the person, not the ‘disease’ A case of Pandas – improving with Homeopathy [Charnjit Badhan of IH4A]

Two months ago I was asked by a concerned mother to help her 10 year old daughter who had been diagnosed with a condition called P.A.N.D.A.S.  ‘P.A.N.D.A.S’ is short for Pediatric Autoimmune Neuropsychiatric Disorders Associated with Streptococcal infections and usually affects children between the ages of 3 and 12. Essentially a form of autoimmune encephalitis,Continue reading “Treating the person, not the ‘disease’ A case of Pandas – improving with Homeopathy [Charnjit Badhan of IH4A]”


WHY SUPPLEMENTS AND BIOMEDICAL PROTOCOL DON’T ALWAYS WORK (by Giovanna Franklin) For most parents of children on the autistic spectrum homeopathy is the last throw of the dice. They have tried pretty much everything else: biomedical protocols, vitamins, supplements, plus endless expensive tests. Until somebody at some point drops the word “homeopathy”, they decide toContinue reading “HOMEOPATHY FOR ASD”