Gillian Whitehead

Dip Hom RMANM During the 15 years I have been treating children and their families, there have been an increasing number of children with complex needs coming to clinic for help with issues like constipation, sleep issues and anxiety. The most notable thing I have found working with these children is how sensitive they areContinue reading “Gillian Whitehead”

Recent Awesome outcomes from Charn Badhan

Charn Badhan has been working with team IH4A for a little more than 1 year. As a founding members of the team, she has worked closely with me taking referrals and receiving training, and collaborating on further professional development. Charn specialises in working with children with autism but also PANS/PANDAS, which are paediatric autoimmune disordersContinue reading “Recent Awesome outcomes from Charn Badhan”


“He’s talking non stop, we can’t believe it!” Owen came to me aged 3 – a beautiful, blonde haired, blue eyed boy with thick dark, long eyelashes.  He understood everything mum was saying to him and I witnessed a lovely relationship between the two of them. His mother said she had a really easy pregnancyContinue reading “SPEECH DELAY”


Sam was brought to me for treatment by his mum who was concerned about his toileting and gut issues. He had a history of constipation and would go days without passing a stool. When he finally did go he was fearful as it was excruciatingly painful with some bleeding. Older children I see have yetContinue reading “CAN I HELP MY CHILDS GUT?”


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