Recent Awesome outcomes from Charn Badhan

Charn Badhan has been working with team IH4A for a little more than 1 year. As a founding members of the team, she has worked closely with me taking referrals and receiving training, and collaborating on further professional development. Charn specialises in working with children with autism but also PANS/PANDAS, which are paediatric autoimmune disordersContinue reading “Recent Awesome outcomes from Charn Badhan”

21 ATEC points lower in 4 months, aged 16!

IF YOU EVER WORRIED THAT IT’S IMPOSSIBLE TO RECOVER FROM AUTISM ABOVE THE AGE OF 6 OR 7, THEN I’M HERE TO SETTLE THAT QUESTION FOR YOU.  Nathaniel is a 16yo patient of mine diagnosed with high functioning autism. He’s another child who’s mom reports problems developed after vaccinations. After MMR he regressed, not instantly,Continue reading “21 ATEC points lower in 4 months, aged 16!”