The autism diagnosis that never was.

“There are no meltdowns, that is very rare.” Luke, 6 years old, was brought to me 8 months ago as he was really struggling with many aspects of schooling, socialising and limited dietary choices.   Luke was on the verge of an autism diagnosis according to the child psychologist he was seeing. Luke had fineContinue reading The autism diagnosis that never was.

“In his own world, never relates to anyone.”

Rory is 4 years old and has been coming for treatment for just 3 months.   He has an autism diagnosis and his mums main areas of concern are: Rory’s first prescription focused on the meconium inhaled at birth. This first, thick, black, tar like earliest stool of a baby if inhaled can burn theContinue reading ““In his own world, never relates to anyone.””

He Ran Toward Us Shouting “Mumma”.

Percy is 3 and a half with an autism and global developmental delay diagnosis.   I have been working with him and his family for four months. During our first consultation Percy’s dad was concerned with the high levels of aggression – biting others, pushing and pulling to get attention in nursery and having toContinue reading “He Ran Toward Us Shouting “Mumma”.”