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Whether your child has problems with speech delay, melt downs, self harm, sleep disturbance, running away or lack of concentration, I can help your child with homeopathy.

In my practice I use a range of remedies, tissue salts and gentle detox programs to help bring my autistic patients back to shore, back to their families.

In addition to the Homeopathic prescription I can supply information on diet, exercise, socialisation and supplements. 

It takes a multi disciplinary approach to get the best health for your child.  A remedy can do so much but when we add in a great diet and exercise they tend to heal on a smoother path.


“There is less running around and he is playing more appropriately at school.”

“She has started to say single words!  She is listening to me and repeating what I say.”

“She lets me wash her hair now.  This is huge for us.”

“He definitely has less fear of them now (dogs) the screeching has stopped and he doesn’t run off anymore.”


€220 for initial

€90 for follow ups

Free 15 minute intro chat

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