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Working with children and young people has always been dear to my heart. Over the course of my 13 year career working as a therapist in child and adolescent psychiatry I saw only a few young people with autism. Once I became an accredited classical homeopath in 2010, the prevalence of ASD was growing exponentially and I was soon treating dozens of children with ASD and other neurological disorders. This led me to to develop a specialism in working with individuals who are affected by heavy metals, medications and vaccines. I went on to become a qualified CEASE therapist, which stands for Complete Elimination of Autistic Symptom Expression. This is always my highest aim and I continue to do all I can to achieve it.

Homeopathy or Chelation?

For vaccine damaged children, homeopathic remedies are able to detox in a completely unique way called isopathy. Using homeopathic remedies containing the same combination of chemicals as the original vaccine, a more complete clearing of toxins is achieved. As a result, you could see a lasting improvement in your child’s susceptibility. Chelation can be achieved simply and easily by giving a twice weekly homeopathic remedy over the course of a few weeks to months.

Homeopathy offers uniquely gentle and effective ways of detoxing the body. Homeopathic remedies do not strip the body of any minerals or vitamins and once the brain and gut are no longer under the influence of toxic metals and chemicals, the individual is freed up to reach their true potential.

What you can expect from seeing me

In addition to CEASE, I also benefit from and am very grateful to have undergone training with some of the leading lights of homeopathy including George Vithoulkas, Jan Scholton, Rajan Sankaran, The Joshis’ and Jeremy Sherr. Each has given me more tools to work with in order to select the very best possible homeopathic remedy and method for your childs’ individual needs.

With the correctly selected remedy and detox, I see improvements in childrens developmental milestones, socialization and behaviour.

Alongside homeopathy, I offer advice on the best and cleanest nutrition and supplements indicated for those with ASD who have digestive issues and difficulty absorbing the much needed nutrients from their food.

I also offer advice on creating an optimal environment for your child from avoiding oxidative stress to creating a healthy sleep environment. 

As part of my service, I provide support and guidance about your child’s homeopathy in between monthly visits as needed by WhatsApp text or e-mail at no additional cost.

For Families

Parents and siblings of a child with ASD can feel stressed and their health will benefit from homeopathy in their own right. If you’d also like an appointment , ask about a family discount. I am here to be  your ally in your family’s healing journey.

Sample Testimonials

‘We started seeing Shahin, when my daughter was about 20. We have worked on treating her apraxia with many alternative treatments over the years. When we finally opted for homeopathy, I found Shahin. She is kind, and knowledgeable. Shahin puts my daughter at ease. Our daughter struggles with any change in her routine and has some anxiety about being in public. I will never forget that one day after her first remedy, she made changes easily. I was stunned. Homeopathy just makes it easier for her to cope. She has a job she loves, and is able to participate in many things. I never thought I would see the day she could be so fulfilled. I have recommended Shahin to many people because she’s awesome. Totally worth a try!’ Parent of an adult with ASD

I am so AMAZED at the turnaround with this remedy, I could cry. Rigidity, rage, and tantrums are almost non-existent. Anxiety is still holding strong but it’s much less than before. She’s so pleasant to be around and so much more easy going.’ Parent of a child with ASD

Based in Yorkshire, England, I offer in person and online appointments. I welcome international English speaking clients. Check out my website, Pure Life Homeopathy where you can book in, find out more and book a free 20 minute no obligation chat to discover how we could work together to heal your child.

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