About Us

If your child has a diagnosis of autism, you might recognise some of the following symptoms:
-speech delay
-sleep disturbance
-behavioural issue
-restricted diet
-learning difficulties
Exhaustion, stress and worrying for the future are the daily reality for parents of autistic children. 
How different would your life be if your child could speak and understand words? 
How would your child’s health and your own health improve from getting a good night sleep?
Can you imagine your child having a social life, making friends or simply having a relaxed family holiday? 
Homeopathy can help you reach these goals. 
Our team of experienced homeopaths are specialised in helping children on the autistic spectrum and their families. 
Why choose homeopathy?
If you have tried other forms of therapies like functional medicine, vitamin supplements, medical tests, chelation and others and have had no results or limited results, you will know how complicated, invasive and expensive those protocols can be. 
Homeopathy is a simple and elegant form of natural medicine: safe remedies, simple instructions and so easy to take that it can be given to infants with no side effects. 
Homeopathy works on the physical, emotional and mental level at the same time. It takes care of the whole person and each remedy is selected according to the individual’s symptoms. It is a one-stop-shop for healing, at a fraction of the cost of every other modality. 
Why choose us?
We are a team of international homeopaths specialised in autism, ADHD, PANS and PANDAS. Together we offer years of experience and a wide choice of specialism to suit your needs.

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