Aaron no longer has the label of autism with ADHD! by Shahin Afnan Dip.Hom,CCT,MARH.

I’ve been seeing 17 year old Aaron for 3 yrs.

Aaron’s point of view

When I first saw him he was very dissatisfied, mostly with himself. very irritable and oppositional. Rigidly wanting things to be the same every day. He was obsessed with his piano playing and music writing. It was all he wanted to do but he felt so very inadequate at the piano. It became clear that he found it very hard to learn new things due to the ADHD. He saw solutions in things which were unobtainable and unrealistic. This left him frustrated and angry and, eventually, he started to give up. I understood the core of his distress to be a longing for success with a fear of failure.

Homeopathy for Aaron

We started treatment with homeopathic nosodes which acted on his ADHD and autistic symptoms. Then I gave some remedies all of which helped him progress in some way but didnt quite address this core issue.

The remedy which has really changed things for Aaron is Vanadium 1M. Homeopath and author Jan Scholton says of vanadium,’ It is typical of vanadium that success and failure follow each other in rapid succession. They want to be successful, so they start off with great dedication which leads to initial successes. But their goals are impossibly high, coupled with a deep-down feeling that they cannot or should not succeed, so sooner or later this success is followed by failure.

Aaron’s Progress

Here’s what mum had to say about the first dose, ‘I gave him one dose of vanadium last week and I thought it made a huge difference. Aaron started talking about the idea of going to school (he was being home schooled) and maybe joining theater this summer, perhaps trying for the pilot’s license, and just overall his approach to life seemed lighter. It was awesome to see.’

Over the next few months, he achieved more and more competencies. He gained enough confidence to continue working towards getting his pilots license and started playing piano in a local tavern.

Here’s what mum emailed: Aaron is no longer needing vanadium. Less concerned about what he can’t do and is doing what he can and playing in a band and hosting a weekly music show at the local tavern.

In addition, Aaron now has a YouTube channel where he shares his piano playing, with over 700 subscribers!

I’m pleased to report that his most challenging symptom now is rhinitis.

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