Sometimes a single remedy is all you need by Shahin Afnan

Nathans Story

Nathan was 4 and a half when his parents sought my help following a diagnosis of autism.

When I first saw Nathan, his was a familiar story.

He tested high for levels of lead.
He had a dry cough twice a year and was occasionally wheezy.
He was not potty trained.
He was unable to use language purposefully, being only able to imitate single words without any understanding.
He showed no social interaction with peers and only interacted with his parents when he wanted them to give him something; such as pulling them to a food cupboard.
He spent his days fixating on the iPhone screen for hours; performing repetitive actions such as flipping the light switch on and off and opening and closing the door.
With his parents help, he enjoyed playing with balls, balloons and being in water.

When excited, he would stim by flap his hands, screaming and rubbing his fingers together.

I always begin treatment by looking for the similimum – the best fitting single remedy for the entirety of symptoms. It’s important not to lose sight of the fact that homeopathy is individualized and there is no one size fits all.

This is known as classical homeopathy. The similimum supports the body to heal and increases the level of health and vitality in general. I carry on with the similimum throughout treatment even when I use homeopathic detox at some point.

There are in fact single remedies which have been known to mitigate the effects of heavy metals such as lead since homeopathy began. Remedies for lead poisoning include opium, alumina, belladonna, kali-Iodatum, Collinsonia and a few others.

The first improvement his parents saw was improved eye contact. He went on to improve in his verbal understanding and speech and was soon able to put 2 words together purposefully such as, ’eat more’.

Following this, his stimming behaviors stopped. He enjoyed hugs and kisses. He would choose to stay in the room with other children at social events. He was also more co-ordinated and liked to play football with his Dad for 5 minutes at a time.

In the middle of his time with me he had a setback due to taking an over the counter medication for a cough which had not been prescribed by me. Parents often don’t think there is any harm in giving an OTC cough syrup but as you can see, this is not the case! I would encourage you to use homeopathy as your first line of medicine for all acute situations which are not life threatening. The cough medicine resulted in him stammering which was a new symptom. However, he continued to make progress in other ways. His motor skills improved to where he could play on a trampoline, tricycle and swing. He also became potty trained during the day. He would not ask to go to the bathroom but would leave the room and go by himself.

The following month the stammer had ceased and he would say ‘open the door’ when he needed the bathroom. He enjoyed more cuddles with his parents and had started cuddling a teddy bear.

A month later, he was waving hello and goodbye, brushing his own teeth and able to participate in hand washing by rubbing his hands together.

One month after that, he was able to wash his hands completely independently. He was able to write the alphabet hand over hand and connect dots on a picture book. He started responding to music and enjoyed strumming a guitar. He was independent with toileting during the day but still wet at night 2-3 times a week.

Within 8 months of starting homeopathic treatment, he was able to put together 4 word sentences with understanding and purpose. His eye contact was good. He had stopped being fixated with the iPhone, was able to identify objects seen in books, exploring his environment and playing with a wide range of toys. His comprehension had improved for following directions. He no longer displayed stimming behavior. He was interacting well with adult friends of the family, showed affection and was attempting to play with peers. He was more independent in his self care and much improved in his motor skills.

Unfortunately we lost touch at that point because the family had to return to their country of origin.

I only had to use classical homeopathy with Nathan, which is where I always begin. Although he tested high for lead, the constitutional remedy alone was able to bring him into greater balance and he began to progress with his developmental milestones.

If progress had come to a standstill, I would have considered homeopathic detox which can remove toxins which may be blocking neural pathways in the brain.

I’d love to discuss your specific needs with you during a free no obligation video or phone chat . Shahin Afnan


2 thoughts on “Sometimes a single remedy is all you need by Shahin Afnan

  1. I am absolutely amazed that homeopathic treatment alone can have such a live changing effect in an autistic child! Bravo!
    Have you got other autistic children where the homeopathic treatment does not bring the results you had hoped?

    Best regards from Germany
    Verena Behle


    1. Hi Verena,
      I’m afraid there will always be some who don’t respond because there are those who’s issues and remedies we can’t find. But, in the vast majority of cases, with patience and consistency we can make good headway.
      Best wishes
      Wren (team IH4A).


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