Never been well since..chicken pox

By Charn Badhan

Here I share a case of a child diagnosed with PANS/PANDAS but with a deeper layer..

Emma, 12 yrs old was diagnosed with Pandas but her health was severely affected after having contracted Covid a year ago. Mum explained Emma’s energy levels were so low, she needed physical assistance with climbing up and down the stairs and was constantly tired with a sensation of ‘jelly legs’. Other symptoms such as tics, headaches, tummy pain, extreme anxiety, OCD tendencies and overwhelm were also present. Emma hadn’t been able to attend school for months and Mum had written off the idea of her daughter attending a private boarding school in September.

After meeting and assessing Emma’s case it was clear there were many factors in her health history that were of interest. During the process of building the timeline for Emma, mum stated that her daughter had never the same after having contracted chicken pox at the age of 2.5 years old. So we spent time here, talking in further depth about this. In homeopathy this is often a wonderful clue into where health has ‘veered off track’ and so we can match specific homeopathic remedies to bring the body’s attention back to what it needs to heal.

She was never the same after having Chicken Pox

Bearing this in mind, I was aware of the extreme low energy levels Emma was presenting with, so I began with remedies to help her ‘vital force’ restore some strength before I could start with treating anything deeper. It was after a successful prescription of Carcinosin and Phosphorus Acid that we began to see some real shifts in energy.

Energy has picked up, she is playing in the garden now; before this would have exhausted her

We continued with months of treatment and slowly but surely Emma’s energy and vitality began improving and Emma was back at school for half days. The tics had reduced and anxiety was much less than before; although being in school and having showers were still overwhelming. Having switched remedies a few times, I reverted back to Carcinosin due to the now strong OCD symptoms that were present. I was also keen to add in a Bowel nosode at this point to help address the etiology of ‘never been well since’ chicken pox. I also prescribed a low potency of Arsenicum, a remedy that matched the overall fear of health anxiety.

After the Bowel Nosode, Emma came out in red blotches on her face, neck and chest, slept for 3 hours, then she was absolutely fine again

At the next follow up mum shared a beautiful reaction to the bowel nosode remedy; Emma had produced a rash on her face and neck that then cleared quickly. This was excellent news as it indicated the body had finally cleared the ill effects of having chicken pox, bringing about the healing that was needed all those years ago.

After this last prescription, the difference was incredible. Mum explained that Emma’s energy levels were constantly improving to the extent that she was climbing again at Go Ape over the summer and had managed long walks on holiday. There was less evidence of OCD and Emma had even eaten blueberries past it’s sell be date (something that mum reports would never have happened before). We also noted improvements with taking showers without feeling fatigued and Emma’s sleep was markedly better. Emma is now at boarding school since September, which has been a dream come true for the whole family.

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