“He is never at peace.”

“He doesn’t rest, he’s never settled, he is never at peace. He is so fractious.”

Wilf is 5 months old. He is not a happy baby at all and his mum has reached out to see if homeopathy can help him.

Wilf’s mum spent her whole pregnancy stressed and fearful about what could happen. At 15 weeks the nurses couldn’t find a heartbeat which only compounded mum’s state.

Wilf’s birth was long, his heart rate dropped and dilation stalled at 4cms. He was eventually born 4 days later via forcep delivery.

We know children pick up the mothers emotions when in utero – If a mother is stressed, has any conflict or trauma during pregnancy the baby absorbs these feelings.  

In addition to this Wilf had a long, difficult birth with intervention which in his mind is a serious threat to life.

Wilf’s issues that need addressing:

  • A restless sleeper – Tossing and turning, never able to get comfortable.
  • Waking constantly through the night with moaning and whining noises like he is in pain.
  • Waking in a bad mood in the morning and after naps. He looks like he is scared, looking everywhere and scanning the room.
  • Got a real fright and cried for a long time after tongue tie release. Also got a real fright at 2,4 and 6 month va..ines.
  • Loose runny stools.
  • Never settled for his bottles – squirming, arching his back, not happy. He cries and moans after them.
  • Rumbling, gurgling tummy.
  • He has a restless energy and can’t seem to switch off.
  • As you can see there is a lot going on for this little baby.  

I approached Wilf’s first prescription by addressing mum’s emotional state during pregnancy and the multiple frights he has endured.

Following are snippets of emails from mum a few days after taking his remedies:

“He was enjoying his bottle, he even fell asleep during it, he hasn’t done this since he was a newborn!”

“He managed a 25 minute stroll in his pram with only a couple of small episodes of being uncomfortable. He’s never managed that before, I had actually stopped taking him out in the pram because it was so stressful for both him and I because he was so distressed.  

He also smiled and laughed on his walk and engaged with me, something he doesn’t usually do either.  

I am in absolute awe.”

A week later Wilf was extremely distressed and cried for an hour before his morning nap. Mum felt it was some sort of release and held and comforted him through this.  

That night:

“He slept from 6.30pm to after 7am. Best sleep he’s ever had!”

An emotional response after a remedy is the body healing that particular trauma level.  

This remedy gave his body a nudge to acknowledge the fear, shock and inherited anxiety. He then dealt with it through the prolonged crying. Letting go, releasing the fear and anxiety will allow him to move forward.  

Homeopathy has enabled Wilf to enjoy his bottles, sleep soundly and go out in his pram. His mum is delighted and it has removed a massive weight from her shoulders.

If you suspect that you or your children have not been able to move past a shock, grief or fright then please do consider reaching out.  

Wilf’s swift reaction to his prescription is testament to the remedy’s ability to help unlock emotional trauma.

Kind regards,

Alex Taylor Lic.I.S.Hom

Classical Homeopath

Published by Alex

I am a classically trained homeopath. Living in Ireland. Working online, worldwide.

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