He Ran Toward Us Shouting “Mumma”.

Percy is 3 and a half with an autism and global developmental delay diagnosis.  

I have been working with him and his family for four months.

During our first consultation Percy’s dad was concerned with the high levels of aggression – biting others, pushing and pulling to get attention in nursery and having to be careful around his little sister.

Percy has no intentional use of language. He does a lot of vocal stimming and uses violence instead of using his words.

He is always doing his own thing and doesn’t interact with other children or if someone comes into the home he won’t respond.

Transitioning between activities is a big problem and always ends in a tantrum.

Percy’s mother had prolonged amounts of stress during her pregnancy and when he was born they were separated for 20 days.  

In a large percentage of autistic children that I am treating there is a history of some emotional stress during pregnancy – Family arguments, financial concerns, moving country or spousal difficulty for example. I also see physical trauma as part of the picture, whether it be a fall, a car accident or medical interventions during pregnancy.

We know children feel all the emotions of the mother through the amniotic fluid.  

This can create problems in the newborn where we see both physical and emotional issues arising – Fear, sleep disturbance, feeding issues etc.

The remedies can help to unblock these layers – allowing the child to clear this inherited trauma.

At our 2nd follow up Percy’s father reported to me that:

  • Eye contact has improved.
  • He is paying good attention to people he knows and getting involved in family facetime sessions.
  • More single words coming and father able to understand them.
  • Biting and pushing has reduced at school and only happened three times in a month at home.
  • For the first time he sat and participated in school – sitting at the table with the other children and not running around on his own.
  • Learning a lot from his little sister and started playing peek a boo.
  • Transitioning has improved and Percy will even help to pack up his toys!

Percy is gradually becoming more aware of his surroundings and those around him.

These are all wonderful results in a short space of time.  

We have much to work on but I wanted to show parents the potential of homeopathic healing and what can be achieved.

Thank you to Percy’s family for allowing me to share a small part of his story.

Please do get in touch for an appointment if you recognise any of these issues in your child and would like to explore how homeopathy could help.

Kind regards,

Alex Taylor Lic.I.S.Hom

Classical Homeopath

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