“In his own world, never relates to anyone.”

Rory is 4 years old and has been coming for treatment for just 3 months.  

He has an autism diagnosis and his mums main areas of concern are:

  • Lack of vocabulary and understanding.
  • “In his own world, never relates to anyone.”
  • Runny, liquid stool which smells like a “sewer.”
  • Excessive rumbling in his tummy and flatulence.
  • History of falling with significant blows to the head.
  • Loss of vocab after one fall which resulted in stitches to his head.
  • Meconium inhaled at birth.
  • Aggressive and biting behaviour.

Rory’s first prescription focused on the meconium inhaled at birth. This first, thick, black, tar like earliest stool of a baby if inhaled can burn the lining of the airways and cause respiratory issues. Rory’s mum had said when he was born “he cried once and then was taken away as he was not breathing properly.”

At our first follow up Rory’s mum reported back that:

  • The stool smell has come down.
  • No more undigested food.
  • No gas or rumbling.
  • An itchy rash came up all over his body for 3 weeks – A healing, clearing reaction.
  • Biting had reduced a little and school hadn’t mentioned any further incidents.

The 2nd prescription was to focus on the loss of vocabulary after the falls.  

During homeopathic treatment I am looking for the layers, the injuries, the specific timeline that led up to the current state. It is never just one insult to the child that leads to an autism diagnosis – It is injury upon toxic load upon medical intervention that lead to the chronic issues these children and their families face.

The remedies have the ability to work though, heal and remove specific sets of symptoms. Unearthing and revealing new symptoms that can then be prescribed upon.

Rory had obviously sustained some sort of brain injury which resulted in this loss of skill.

“He is starting to babble. He is repeating his A,B,Cs, singing nursery rhymes and making animal noises.”

“His understanding has improved, when we say let’s go for a shower he knows what to do now.”

Straight after the 2nd prescription Rory had a fever for 48 hours. He had never had a fever before and to observe this after a well indicated remedy is a wonderful response which shows the immune system is awakening and healing.  

We had discussed previously how to support Rory if a fever were to arise and his mum was able to use the fever remedy and advice I had given her without resorting to suppressive over the counter treatments.

As always I share these case with you to highlight the simply astounding scope of healing that is possible with homeopathy.

Thank you to Rory’s family for allowing me to share a small part of his story.

Kind regards,

Alex Taylor Lic.I.S.Hom

Classical Homeopath

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