Recent Awesome outcomes from Charn Badhan

Charn Badhan has been working with team IH4A for a little more than 1 year. As a founding members of the team, she has worked closely with me taking referrals and receiving training, and collaborating on further professional development.

Charn specialises in working with children with autism but also PANS/PANDAS, which are paediatric autoimmune disorders that effect the mental health of children via an autoimmune attack on their brains.

She’s an experienced homeopath based in the UK. Having special interesting in autism, anxiety, behavioural difficulties, sleep issues, etc. Charn can work closely with you to start guiding you or your child towards good health, whatever your challenges. She’s a mum of a recovering Autistic/PANS boy, so is keenly aware of the challenges that can impact families with Autism & PANS.

If you wish to work with our team fill the referral form or contact Charn directly.

You can book directly with her here:
Initial appt:

Free 20 min Chat:

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Wren Síofra Lloyd is a homeopath advising adults & children internationally.

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