“He’s talking non stop, we can’t believe it!”

Owen came to me aged 3 – a beautiful, blonde haired, blue eyed boy with thick dark, long eyelashes.  He understood everything mum was saying to him and I witnessed a lovely relationship between the two of them.

His mother said she had a really easy pregnancy with him and his birth was the easiest of her 3 children.  He reached all his milestones bar one – his speech development.   At 11 months old he said ‘all gone’ but never progressed past that.

During the initial consultation I observed him making constant low moaning and random sounds.

Owen’s mother spoke of his frustration at his lack of communication and his inability to get his point across. He had just 10 words when he came to see me.

She described Owen as:

 ‘wired… fidgety…just can’t sit still… a hugely affectionate child that desires one on one time and wants to make people laugh.’ 

He doesn’t respond well to reprimand and gets extremely upset and cries.

She said he never gets sick although all his life has had a ‘clear, constant stream of snot from his nose and is extremely dribbly.’

After this careful case taking I analyzed the information I had been given by mum and Owen and prescribed a wonderful Homeopathic remedy for delayed development. 

I saw Owen for a follow up 4 weeks later.

‘He has come on in leaps and bounds, he is talking of his own accord.  He seems to be trying a lot more himself, putting 2-3 words together… everyday he has new words.’

Over the course of the next 4 months Owen progressed really well in many areas not just his speech:

  • Dribbling stopped completely
  • Constant runny nose stopped
  • Concentrating levels improved
  • No longer waking in the night.

“Everyones noticing, non stop babble, new words all day everyday.  He knows all his letters and is recognising them everywhere.  He can spell and write his name.”

What a wonderful result for Owen and his family.

Published by Alex

I am a classically trained homeopath. Living in Ireland. Working online, worldwide.

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