Sam was brought to me for treatment by his mum who was concerned about his toileting and gut issues. He had a history of constipation and would go days without passing a stool. When he finally did go he was fearful as it was excruciatingly painful with some bleeding.

Older children I see have yet to toilet train. This can be distressing for everyone and can limit social situations.

The above issues and those below indicate an imbalance in the gut flora.

  • Diarrhoea
  • Mushy, unformed stool
  • Sulphur and very strong smelling stool
  • Learning and concentration is hindered
  • Memory issues.
  • Abdominal pain and distension.
  • Toxic feelings

Gut flora is extremely sensitive and integral to our health. If knocked out of balance and the gut is not functioning at optimum level then a whole host of problems can arise.

  • Nutrients from foods are not assimilated.
  • Food intolerances.
  • Toxins are not passed through the usual channels and expelled. Instead they are stored and create a toxic environment.

Using homeopathic remedies and frequently bowel nosodes these childrens guts come back into balance and they are healthier for it.

  • Stools are formed – less mushy/hard
  • Reduction in constipation and diarrhoea
  • Less fear and pain around toileting

If your child has any gut issues please do get in touch, I look forward too hearing from you.

Published by Alex

I am a classically trained homeopath. Living in Ireland. Working online, worldwide.

5 thoughts on “CAN I HELP MY CHILDS GUT?

  1. Kindly help me my child has autism. He is 4.4yo still not potty trained and non verbal, can’t concentrate and very hyper.


  2. Hello, We have kid with ASD and severe constipation and gut issues, we were really struggling a lot to resolve these issues in my kid. Can you please help to get an appointment with Dr Sally Lloyd, much appreciated your help


    1. Hi Sam. I’m afraid I don’t have space for new patients currently and have some people who have been waiting 12 months or more. I would love to refer you to the team for your child though. Please fill the referral form here: and I’ll take a look and make sure you have a team member to work with right away.
      Best wishes


  3. Hi.
    My son suffers a big deal with his gastric. He is always on gut medicine, bloating, smely farts , stomach pain. Please ca you help



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