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Sally Lloyd

Sally Lloyd is an autism specialist homeopath based in the UK. Founder of International Homeopaths 4 Autism, she has worked successfully with many children and their families worldwide for 6 years, using classical homeopathy and detox therapy.

Philippa Fibert

Dr Philippa Fibert specialises as a homeopath working with children with autism and adhd worldwide from the UK. She is also the coordinator of our research into outcomes for autistic children undergoing homeopathic treatment.

Alex Taylor

Is a classically trained homeopath, practising for over 15 years. She lives in Ireland and works online, worldwide with children and their families.

She specialises in treating children and young adults with autism and OCD.

Charn Badhan

Charn Badhan is an experienced homeopath based in the UK, specialising in autism and PANS. A mum of a recovering Autistic/PANS boy, Charn is keenly aware of the challenges that can impact families with Autism.

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How different would your life be if your child could speak and understand words? 
How would your child’s health and your own health improve from getting a good night sleep?
Can you imagine your child having a social life, making friends or simply having a relaxed family holiday? 
Homeopathy can help you reach these goals.  Read more

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